Take Dark Chocolates and Improve Your Health

Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolate is made from the seed of the cocoa tree. The cocoa tree is one of the best sources of antioxidant in the world. Hence dark chocolate is not only loaded with antioxidants but it is also loaded with nutrient that will have a positive effect on your well-being. Here are a few way you will benefit from indulging in dark chocolate:

You will get lots of soluble fiber as well as minerals from these treats. As long as you partake of dark chocolate with 70 – 85 percent cocoa content you will be able to access minerals like magnesium, manganese, iron and copper in addition to lots of fiber. You will also gain other minerals such as zinc and selenium as well as phosphorus.

Dark chocolate is full of organic compounds such as flavanols, polyphenols and catechins. The content of these antioxidants has been reported to be more than what you get from some fruits and vegetables. The flavanols in the chocolate are good for lowering blood pressure by improving blood flow in the body.

The antioxidants in dark chocolate can also reduce risk factors associated with heart disease by decreasing levels of oxidized LDL cholesterol especially in men and increasing HDL cholesterol levels which are beneficial to the body.

Oxidized cholesterol refers to bad cholesterol that has reacted with free radicals which means it can really damage body tissue. Hence anything that can lower the levels of such cholesterol in the body is a good nutritional choice to make.

Benefits of Dark chocolates

Dark chocolate also reduces insulin resistance in the body which is a common cause of diabetes and heart ailments. In this way, it helps to lower the risk of heart ailments by the fact that it lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the body. This means that the bad cholesterol lodged in the arteries is lowered significantly thereby reducing the possibility of developing heart ailments.

Dark chocolate has great benefits for the skin. The flavanols in the chocolate can protect the skin against sun damage. They also improve blood flow to the skin increasing skin hydration and skin density.

Dark chocolate may also be good for your brain. It has been discovered to have brain beneficial properties as it helps improve brain functions by improving the flow of blood to the brain. Since it is made up of a high amount of cocoa, it can improve the cognitive functions of the brain especially in elderly people. The fact that cocoa contain a substance known as theobromine and some caffeine means it can also act as a mental stimulant.

The above benefits show that dark chocolate is one thing you should have in your pantry for sure. However, it should be dark chocolate with cocoa levels of 75% and above. There are many dark chocolate bars in the market that are filled with saturated fats and low levels of cocoa that are not the kind of dark chocolate bars you want to indulge in.  You can be sure that if you get the right dark chocolate you will benefits highly from taking this chocolate in moderation.