Reasons Why Body Shape Matters

Women, more than men, are very conscious about the shape of their bodies because it has a lot to do with beauty. Even for men, they are very careful not to lose their original body shape for many reasons. It is obvious that obese persons always rush to have extra calories out by choosing a suitable weight loss plan. Generally, the shape of one’s body matters a lot and this article will discuss the reasons behind that.

# Reason 1

The general reason why body shape matters for both men and women is to maintain original looks. You will tend to look ugly and unpleasant when some parts of the body have more fat accumulation than others. It is simply a shapeless body. That alone can end up affecting your self-esteem because the public eye is very discriminative of shapeless bodies.

# Reason 2

Mostly, body shape is centered on the waist and you are advised to keep on taking measurements on a regular basis. This will help take note of when your shape in losing out or the moment you start becoming obese. They key organs around the abdomen area are known to store a lot of fat below the skin and that plays a key role in determining your body shape. A pear shape is when lots of fat is stored around thighs and bottom parts of the body while apple shape is when excess weight accumulates around the abdomen.

# Reason 3

There are also the health benefits in maintaining a good body shape. A good body shape helps to contain diseases like heart attack, stroke and diabetes which are associated with overweight bodies. This has to be regulated through the food you eat and proper exercising. A combination of proper dieting and good exercising will be vital in maintaining your body shape to keep off such diseases. You can have a schedule of simple aerobics like walking and cycling to improve your health and lower risks of diseases attack. Rigorous physical activity ensures all the excess fat is burnt out to retain your normal body shape.

# Reason 4

The body shape can as well dictate what you eat and how much you eat. For example, people with triangular shaped bodies work hard and eat more than any other person. However, you should not allow your body to dictate the type of diet to go for because it might get out of hand. For those with strong upper bodies, they take energy-giving foods and are very good in sporting disciplines like swimming and tennis. Strong lower bodies will be good for sports like cycling and rowing. In a nutshell, your body shape is important to shape out the type of sporting career you assume in future. You don’t look shapeless and assume that you can play football or take up athletics.

All these reasons explain why you should be conscious about the shape of your body. You might not be a sports person but there is the health dimension to keeping your body shape right. All in all, you have a reason or two to be concerned about your body shape.