Lower your cholesterol


When it comes to reducing cholesterol, the amount of exercise a person records is more important than the intensity. If you are a woman of 40 to 60, it is especially important that you start doing some type of exercise right away to reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Normal blood cholesterol level is less than 200 mg / dl, HDL level <50 mg / dl, LDL level should be less than 140 mg / dl.

Women who exercise regularly have a better cholesterol profile than those who remain inactive. The amount of exercise that is very important. One study has shown that among people who exercised intensely and those who exercised moderately, there were no differences in cholesterol levels, but both groups had healthier cholesterol levels than those who remained sedentary.

What’s more, the active participants had these benefits, although they lost only a little weight. This shows that exercise can create heart-healthy changes, even when benefits are not yet externally evident. People should not be discouraged if they are not losing weight.

Exercise has been boosted by its cardiovascular benefits, one of which is believed to be, healthier cholesterol levels. But studies have yielded inconsistent results on whether exercise alone can actually increase good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol. One question that has been asked is, what amount and intensity of exercise is needed to affect cholesterol or other cardiovascular risk factors.

A recent study showed that after 8 months of regular exercise, people experience increases in good HDL cholesterol, good for the heart, as well as significant improvements in LDL cholesterol levels. The implication of any exercise is better than nothing, more is better than less, and inactivity is bad. Regular physical activity can bring cholesterol benefits, such as those observed with high amounts of intense exercise, the only thing that will take longer to get them.

The best way to reduce blood cholesterol is to eat foods low in saturated fat, total fat and cholesterol, be more physically active, and lose weight. Women who spend only 1 hour of walking per week can reduce their risk of heart disease by half.