Localized fat in the Brain!

brain diet

Let us clarify that, obviously, the brain is the region of the body where we store the emotions, feelings, sensations, perceptions, reactions, that lead us to make decisions that impact our lives. Finding out the causes of extra weight will lead you to treat the problem as it should be treated.

Barring very specific problems, the vast majority of overweight people are having emotional problems to be solved. They are not necessarily in depression or about to commit suicide, but certainly some situation or role, among so many that we assume in life, is not well resolved.

How many diets to lose weight in this world?

Soup diet
Chinese diet
Diet of the points
Garlic Diet
Moon diet
Rice diet
Sausage Diet
Japanese diet

Why does not the “Brain Diet” exist? If it is there that all the causes of the extra weight live, what is lacking for people to become aware of the real problems? Why, instead of looking for a nutritionist or venturing into aggressive surgery, do not people first seek a psychologist to treat their head?!?!?

It’s time to review the concepts! If we do not really know each other, we will never discover the real causes of these problems and we will be forever fighting the scales. There is no diet that works if we do not treat our heads!