How to eat healthy

How to eat healthy

Foods we eat, low-carbohydrate, low-fat, vegetarian, macrobiotic, or raw foods have a direct impact on how we feel. Our energy, mood, appearance and body image are influenced by our dietary choices.
In order to solve weight problems, we would have to stop thinking about what people should eat and instead focus primarily on why eating healthy.

Comfort is an important factor in what people choose to eat. Having to cook is an inconvenience.
Access to food is key, if sweets are within reach, it is difficult to resist. If they are out of sight, we will eat less, but if you are not at home, the better, you will not have to avoid them.

The main causes of overeating are not hunger or delights of some food, they are psychological like anxiety and emotions. Serving food in very large dishes will only make us eat more, even if we do not finish the ration.
There is little relationship between meals, that is, making a large meal will not help us eat little at dinner.
To eat healthy, we must first overcome these obstacles, we must develop a completely new relationship between food and the body.

Learn to differentiate between hunger and desire

To know if what you feel is desire or really is hungry, when you feel like eating out of hours try to perform some task and if after a while you realize that you do not have hunger, is that it was a whim. You must break the habit of eating when you send the clock, your body will learn to eat healthy in response to hunger and not by external signals.

Overcome the sense of guilt

We love food, but we fight temptation and guilt, something that makes us feel bad about ourselves. Having to count calories takes away the pleasure of eating and makes it a math and worry game. We need to cultivate new habits of life to perform them naturally and eat healthy without thinking at all times that it is a sacrifice.

Chew food well

Chewing food certainly helps digestion, but it also slows down meals. Eating fast tends to gobble up so much food that his stomach does not give him time to say “vast, I’m full.” However, slow and chewing well, will help you feel satisfied and stop eating.

Serving Size

Use cups and measuring spoons to compare the size of the servings you normally eat with the standard amounts listed on food labels. You may be surprised at how much you are overeating. Eat the right kind of food at the right time in healthy proportion and try to change your eating habits so that your meals maintain balance with a variety of healthy foods. If you neglect to control rations, you could eat more calories than you actually burn during the day and would mean a steady increase in weight.

Distinguish between emotional or physical

hunger Hunger is a physiological process that occurs every three to four hours. When you do not heed hunger signals, it slows down and your body starts to slow down to save energy. Emotional hunger means eating when you are sad, happy, anxious or bored. When trying to meet emotional needs with food, try to find more appropriate ways to do so. Eating healthy leads us to develop better looks, better health and better spirit.