Green Tea Diet for Wieght Loss

Green Tea Diet -

Scientific research has gathered data that shows green tea can have many positive effects on human’s health, especially those who want to get into shape, or even those who are trying to lower their cholesterol.

Green tea Diets must be used in accordance with a healthy and nutritious diet, as well as an exercise program.  Green tea in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise can definitely show signs of improvement.Green tea antioxidants can reduce cholesterol, which is great news for anyone who is on a low cholesterol diet.  It has also been stated that green tea and the extracts from green tea will aid in weight loss.  The green tea creates a thermogenic (process of burning fat) effect which constantly and consistently aids in burning fat.

The benefits of green tea are endless and green tea antioxidants can improve blood vessel function as well as reduce blood lipids (build up of fat inside the blood streams).