Demystifying Myths Told About Nutrition

Myths Told About Nutrition

Some of the trusted sources of information have gone beyond the limits to spread lies about nutrition. This has affected the consumer negatively but there are platforms offered to demystify such myths. This article offers you such a platform and you should use it maximally to your benefit. Nutrition is a topic of great concern to many people so pay keen interest to the information shared.

#Eating late in the night

One of the top myths about nutrition is that, one gets fat by eating late in the night. There is no difference between calories consumed in the morning, during the day and late into the night. The truth is that chances of gaining weight in the morning are the same as those of the night and any time of the day.

#Food calories

Calories gain depends on the amount and quality of food eaten and not the time it is eaten. That foods free of cholesterol are healthy is a myth peddled about nutrition. Most of the foods bought from shops have labels showing that they contain zero cholesterol but in real sense it is available in high quantities. Unless it is natural, there are no artificial foods that don’t have cholesterol. That is a marketing strategy used by manufacturers for their products to sell.

#Omega-3 Fats

Have you ever been told that omega-3 fats are only found in fish? That’s a flat lie and one of the myths about nutrition. These days, we have plant-based sources of omega-3 that include spinach and vegetables. Actually, these omega-3 fats from plants have very diverse benefits that fish can’t offer you. The belief that only marine creatures can offer omega-3 fats has been bypassed by time and has no impact in the nutrition world.


If you like taking bread then this must interest you; dark breads come with more nutritional value over white breads. That is a myth that you don’t need even paying attention to. Again, this is just used by manufacturers to sell their product at the expense of competitors.

Literally, it is not possible to judge the nutritional value of bread by just looking at the color. Whoever tells you it’s possible then know that he or she is creating a fool out of you. The nutritional value of breads is contained in the ingredients label which you should look out for in making the determination. Away from the color joke, you have to go deeper in knowing the right nutritional value of your bread.

#Natural Herbs

Natural herbs are not completely safe as many people will fool you into believing. The fact that something is natural does not mean it’s safe for human consumption. Most of the natural herbs have components with very dangerous effects. From the look of naked eyes, you will not know about that but only after consumption.