Choosing An Exercise Program for Healthy Lifestyle


The human body is originally designed to move and work hard. When this does not happen, the muscles begin to contract and weaken. This phenomenon is known as muscular atrophy that can be evident when muscle mass decreases. If the loss is not avoided, it can lead to a loss of full muscle mass.

A sedentary lifestyle contributes greatly to it. Many people become addicted to television at home or even in the office, leaving no room for any physical activity. Prolonged inactivity and lack of exercise contributes to obesity , muscle atrophy and other health problems . Ideally, a 30-minute exercise is necessary to maintain good health .

During this time of exercise, it could help the choosing an exercise programbody’s most important muscle , the heart. In this way, different forms of cardiovascular diseases can be prevented. It can be called heart attack, myocardial infarction, or others. An exercise that keeps the heart healthy is called cardio . There are different types of cardiovascular exercises, treadmill, walking, jogging, swimming, gymnastics , dancing or any activity that allows the heart to work constantly for 30 minutes.

However, at the same time that the heart works, other exercises are needed to target other muscle groups to maintain. The muscles of the different parts of the body must move. Over the years, health experts and even fitness instructors have come up with exercises that focus on one particular area. There are exercises for the upper body, which would include the chest, abdomen, arms, lower back and shoulders. And exercises for the lower part that cover the legs, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and twins.

How to choose an exercise program?

The key in choosing an exercise program is dependent on many factors. The first consideration would be a way of life. There are lifestyles that should keep the workouts intense. For example, if you are an athlete you need to have regular cardio exercises . In the meantime, people with more sedentary lifestyles should choose an  exercise program that will keep the body at a well-established pace.

Active lifestyle

They are those who constantly practice physical activities. The exercise program for people who have an active lifestyle could be a combination of different types of training . The exercise outdoors such as running, can also be made in addition to exercises gymnastics .

Normal lifestyle

They usually involve physical activities in their work, although not so intense with those of the active category. For these people, fitness exercises like aerobics , jogging or isotonic machines are beneficial.

Sedentary lifestyle

They are the ones who are usually sitting all the time to work or even at home. Choosing an exercise program for them can be a bit tricky because exercise should not be imposed immediately to avoid unnecessary pressure on the bones and muscles or otherwise result in an injury. It is best to consult with a doctor before applying an exercise program .