The breaking point in the diet – what to do?

diet breaks

Everyone who has experienced a diet experiences the moments of refraction. At times this happens at home, and sometimes it can be in a family event, vacation or while we were staying and all the temptations are just there, in front of us. Once we break the diet, we ate whatever came into our hand and mouth and did not care about anything, except to satisfy that desire and the temptations.

Why did we break the diet? We all experienced moments of breaking, then frustration and guilt. What now? How do we proceed from here? The best thing to do after we break down will be to return to the framework and continue the process from the same point.

Here are some tips to help you avoid breaking points while dieting

1. Try to plan your day in advance. If you have an event, a family meal, invited you to stay, you go for a trip, a hotel or any other departure from the routine, plan your daily menu in advance.

2. Try not to go to the starving meal on the one hand, but leave yourself the most calories for this meal on the other hand. At the meal itself, choose in advance what to eat from a variety of options and combine lots of vegetables. Use the powers that led you to start the slimming process, the point where you have lost your previous lifestyle, where you are sick of showing otherwise than you would like. The point where you were decisive, full of motivation and will, determined to invest and succeed.

3. Remind yourself for what reason you started the process – did you have a goal to cut your body? Get into the old jeans? The new bathing suit this summer? Have you started the process for health reasons or to purchase a dress for the upcoming event? When there is a more easy reason to act to achieve the goal.

4. Remember that entering a diet requires a few levels of organization. On the emotional plane, when you feel ready to enter the process you want to invest, you have the will, the ambition, and therefore you invest in the economic sphere as well. Dieting is not cheap. And if you have already organized, even if you broke down, try to get back to the process.

5. Consider what is best for you in the slimming process. Sometimes it is sports activity, sometimes a certain food, cooking, shopping for different food ingredients from what you have eaten so far or even meeting in the framework you are in to support the process.

6. Try to join a support group, get help or advice from a professional such as a nutritionist or dietitian, or even carry out the process with a co-worker or partner. Support from friends and professionals will give you new incentives, reinforcements, tips and ideas that will help you continue the process and hold on to it for a long time.

7.  You know what it takes to realize a dream – Visualize the moment when you will reach your goal and goal, fulfill your dream. You can use meditation and visualize yourself as you would like to show or be, where you want to be, dressed in the clothes or bathing suit you want to wear, healthy and happy, and slowly the dream will become a reality.

8.Try to gather yourself and return to the frame without too much regret and without punishing yourself. Understand and address the factor that led to the breaking point. Every area of ​​life has ups and downs, successes and failures and yet we find the strength to move on, so too on a diet. Then if we remain with the sense of failure, and the frustration is likely to be eaten even more, the path to the weight of the target will be even longer.