Alternatives for Low Carb Almond Flour Recipes

You know that low carb almond flour recipes are many to consider when you are into baking. It is a good idea to consider having low carb diets when there are needs to cut down on weight. When in the market, you will be tempted into choosing the many flour products made of wheat but it’s good to stay clear from that. They will not solve any problem for you. Before getting out of your house, have a clear mind on what you are going for and it has to be almond flour with low carb. If you choose the best low carb almond flour recipes, you will be able to come up with low carb diets that can rival the high carb diets.

And you will not be short of options. The following two are the common alternatives for low carb almond flour recipes that you can put into consideration:

  • Nut flours– this is a very versatile ingredient for making low carb recipes. There are very many brands of this flour in the market so you should be very careful when making your choices to settle for the best one. It is good you go for the one that is finely ground and they are usually made using blanched almond. If you go for flour that is finely ground, it means you will achieve consistency as far as baking is concerned. You should not expect it to be easy when baking using these flours because they lack a very critical protein called gluten. Furthermore, nut flours come with high fat contents as well as moisture which will make baking tough. Make sure you have put them into consideration as you make your choices.
  • Coconut flour– this is a product of coconut milk and will be a good alternative for low carb almond flour recipes. It is gotten through extracting milk from the coconut and then the leftovers are dried. Once fully dried, the leftovers change into powder that looks like wheat flour but will retain the smell of coconut. This flour is very good at soaking in moisture and other liquids and will require high amounts of eggs when working with it. Whether you like the taste of coconut or not, this flour will be a good alternative to try out when baking. It has a very strong flavor and taste that will lure you into considering it. By the way, you can add a few flavors like chocolate and vanilla to tone down the coconut taste in case it’s not pleasing to you.

In simple terms, you need to always stick to these alternatives for your low carb almond flour recipes when baking and you will be amazed by the end result. Sometimes, it might appear to be very complicated and strange since you are not used to that but you will get used to it with time. You just need to give it a try once and the next time you are back to baking, everything will seem to move smoothly.