All about Diets

What kind of diets are there?

This question is both easy and difficult to answer because: There are incredibly many types of diets that are applied to various aspects of the complex “digestion – metabolism – energy storage”. It is therefore impossible to enumerate all the diets, practically every week you can find a new one in the relevant magazines – nevertheless, there are some groups of diets, as well as some acquaintances which are to be mentioned here.

Diets in which mainly a food is consumed, usually a certain vegetable (for example cabbage), are regularly in ever new forms. The preferred foods typically change during the season, the diets often promise Utopian high weight loss within a very short time. Such diets can be problematic if they are followed too long. The one-sided diet can easily lead to a supply of vital vitamins and trace elements. Therefore, such a diet should only be carried out in a limited time frame. Also the “Hollywood diet”, which consumes almost only fruit and tropical fruits, belongs in this category.

Anyone who wants to continue to eat in a variety of ways, but also to dispense with the annoying calories, will be offered various systems that simplify this, with “WeightWatchers” probably among the best known. A similar path is followed by diets that either specify certain foods, or selectively select products and recipes. To cook for home. In this way, the calculator is completely spared, but “times just between” something food is apart from fruits and vegetables – mostly taboo. And whether one taste the recipes is also not always immediately apparent. If the offered range of recipes is large enough, however, this problem should be relativized. The Brigitte diet, which is regularly developed further, and has a very large recipe pool would be an example.

Diets that are applied to a completely different “lever” include, for example, dietary diets, or diets that want to develop their effect by influencing the insulin level in the body. This hormone is responsible for controlling the blood glucose level. If the blood glucose level is high, the insulin level also increases, which stimulates the storage of nutrients in the tissue.

Still other diets want to reduce the weight by means of appetite suppressants, various pills or substitute products such as protein shakes, but caution is advised

Special Diet Plans for Various Purposes

Do you always concern about what you eat?
Do you like to shop the fresh and green, and store your fridge full of them?
Do you eat various kinds of food to have a balanced diet?
Do you have a particular selection of food for a reason of good health?
Do you often notice the food label to make sure you are consuming healthy food?

If you answer ‘yes’ to all those questions, you deserve to have two thumbs-up. You have already had a good eating habit and done right with your diet. Therefore, you will also deserve to have long-lasting good health.

Let’s learn what a diet means

‘diet’ is a particular selection of food, or the overall intake and selection of food for a particular person or people. A special diet may be recommended for medical reasons, to balance, limit, or increase certain nutrients; undertaken to lose weight, by a reduction in calorie intake or selection of specific foods; or observed on religious, moral, or emotional grounds (Encyclopedia) .

It is obvious that diet, which is more renowned as a weight-loss program, in fact, is also practiced to meet other requirements, such as medical reasons and religious teachings. In other words, not only is a diet plan undertaken for weight loss, but a special diet is also recommended for medical reasons on account of the evidence that food can play in the prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases. Further, a particular diet is also seen on religious, moral, or emotional grounds.

Weight-loss diet programs work based on the reduction in calorie intake or selection of specific foods while special diet programs for medical reasons aim at balancing, limiting, or increasing certain nutrients. Then, a particular diet as practiced by certain members of religious groups conforms to their strict dietary law and is believed to be God’s command, thus, every believer of the religion is liable for the particular strict diet. Further, there also has a particular diet which people choose to follow for humanitarian, ecstatic or health reasons.

Let’s learn the various diet types
Webster’s New World Encyclopedia has noted 8 different types of diet (see the table) long known and worldwide practiced. The 8 diet types comprise diets for various reasons: diet for weight loss, diet for medical reason, and diet for religious practice, ecstatic, or humanitarian reasons.

8 Different Types of Diet

Vegetarian eat no meat
Vegan eat no food of animal origin
Hay system do not mix protein with starches and fruits
Macrobiotic based on unrefined cereals
Fruitarian based on fruit, nuts, and seed
Jewish eat kosher food
Muslim eat halal food
Hindu vegetarian

First, vegetarian diet is a type of diet, not only seen on religious ground, but also followed by people who are aware of their health and undertaken by those who concern about humanity. As seen on religious ground, vegetarian diet is practiced by Hindu and Buddhists.

Similar to the first diet type, vegan diet is also a strict diet obligatorily practiced among the religious community, in Buddhism, for example. Vegan diet is undertaken by certain group of people for the reason of humanity.

The third diet, the Hay System diet, introduced by Dr. William Hay as a cure of his health problem that it was able to treat his contracting diseases (hypertension, Bright’s disease, dilated heart) was claimed to be the diet type for medical reason. The Hay System diet, also called the hay diet will give additional benefit to people following this diet that weight loss will occur to overweight dieters.

Next, the fourth and the fifth diet types, macrobiotic and fruitarian diet both are recommended for medical reasons. For example, people severely allergic to various kinds of food may be recommended to have fruitarian diet and those suffering from cancer disease should be best treated with macrobiotic diet. Macrobiotic diet is also advised taking for people wanting to have long-lasting good health as its healthy ingredients are high in fiber and low in fat. Moreover, macrobiotic diet is effective to fight against obesity; therefore, it is also a type of weight-loss diet.

The other three diet types, the Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu diets are practiced by certain religious community, i.e. the followers of Judaism, Muslim, and Hindu, respectively. In other words, kosher food, halal food, and vegetarian diet, the dietary law of Judaism, Muslim and Hindu, are the diet types for religious practices.

Let’s look at the diet types for weight loss

If the considerable number of diet programs for weight loss can be grouped based on how the diet programs work and cause a weight loss, it should come to as many as 10 diet types; 9 of which is classified according to the selection and limitation of food or nutrients; and the other which refers to the several weight-loss centers. (See the table)

Of the 10 diet types, the very low-calorie suddenly slim diet appears to offer a shortcut to lose weight fast. The Cabbage Soup Diet, for instance, may result in sudden weight loss of up to 10 lbs in a week. The 3-Day Diet is another example of many suddenly slim diet programs that it produces quick weight loss up to 10 lbs just in 3 days.

The programs of suddenly slim diet give rise to pros and cons among the dieters. The pros claim that the suddenly slim diet programs benefit them with the sudden weight loss in quite a short period. Besides, the programs of suddenly slim diet formulate very low-calorie food mainly consisting of vegetables and fruit, thus are made up of healthy food.

The cons mention that the suddenly slim diet programs do not teach how to maintain healthy eating habits in the long term; therefore, once the dieters have returned to their old eating habits, they will gain back their weight loss soon after the diet program ends. Moreover, most nutritionists do not recommend such certain programs of suddenly slim diet due to the adverse effects caused by the lack of some important nutrients

10 Diet Types for weight loss and their famous diet programs

1. Low-calorie, suddenly slim
(or called sudden weight
* cabbage soup diet
* 3 day diet
* 5-day miracle diet
* 14-day beauty boot camp
* grapefruit diet
* rotation diet
2. Low-calorie, liquid meal
* slim fast
* Herbalife
* Cambridge diet
3. Reduced-calirie by
controlling portion
* picture perfect weight loss
* volumentrics weight-control
* 90/10 weight-loss plan
* change one eating plan
4. Low-Fat * Ornish Diet
* Pritikin Diet
* Rosemary Conley’s Low-fat Diet
* Low-fat Living
* fatmanslim
5. Low-carbohydrate * Atkins Diet
* Carbohydrate-Addict’s Diet
* Zone Diet
* Food Doctor Diet
* South Beach Diet
6. Glycaemic Index * GI point diet
* Glucose Revolution
* Montignac method
7. Food-combining * hay diet
* new beverly hills diet
* somesizing
* fit for life
8. Metabolic typing * eat right 4 your type
* body code
* metabolic typing
9. Detox diet * detox diet
* living beauty detox
* fat-flush plan
* juice fasts
10.Weight-loss centres * weight watchers
* nutrisystem
* national slimming centres

Of the great number of diet programs of different diet types, some may work effectively for you and have you lose weight suddenly; on the other hand, some others may fail to have your weight lost, or even worse, some might cause to you to put on weight. In short, most diets work for some people; none works for everyone. By a little trial and error, you should get your best diet program.

Some guidelines to maintain the weight loss

It is very important to establish and maintain a healthy eating habit so that the reduced weight will not return. Otherwise, what so called ‘yoyo’ diet can happen and it is very miserable to have the weight gain after the weight loss.

There are some guidelines that can help maintain the weight control after completing the diet program and having a weight loss. First, establishing a healthy eating habit is a key to successful weight control. Then, doing regular exercise is also necessary for long-term weight control. Next, avoiding stressful situation may be helpful to gain some undesirable weight. Finally, joining a support group like weight-loss group can also be useful to stay motivated and get dietary advice, regular weigh-ins, and an exercise session.

Diet Pills

Just now, where the summer begins soon, many more diets are started again. The pharmacies make more sales with their diet products. Many people are in the belief that there is a miracle pill that melts the fat only so. The problem is just there are no miracle pills. If there was one, the providers of diet pills would not need any advertising in the newspaper. The fact is that you can only lose weight by doing a diet and doing sports. Just what diet you do. There are a hundred different methods of a diet. Healthy and harmful to the body. To make the decision easier, the most important ones are listed here.

Healthy eating habit: a key of success for weight loss and weight control

It is evident that the key of success for weight loss is determined by a healthy eating habit and so is the successful weight control. Indeed, healthy eating plays role and affects good health as the food we eat can have an important effect on our health and well-being. Also, when weight loss has occurred, the reduced weight loss may return quickly without the support of healthy eating habit.

It is not a simple job to change unhealthy eating to healthy eating habit. However, it is worth striving to sustain the good practice regarding to the enormous benefits of having long-lasting good health throughout our life. Simply, the foods we eat are critical in determining both our present and future health; therefore, it is important that we be informed about a healthy diet and healthy eating guides.

Healthy eating habit should cover small changes in the foods we choose, as well as the way we prepare the foods. The following healthy eating tips should be useful to maintain the reduced weight loss, and should make us promote good health.

12 Healthy eating tips

  1. Eat three meals a day with the proper amount to fullness to avoid snacking or grazing between meals
    • Do not skip breakfast nor lunch and dinner
    • Skipping breakfast may cause over-eating at lunch time. skipping lunch may make more calories consumed at snack time
  2. Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day
    • Use fruits and vegetables as snacks
  3. Eat two to four servings of protein foods a day
  4. Eat at least two servings of oil-rich fish a week
  5. Cut back on the amount of fat, especially the intake of saturated fat; use monosaturated or polyunsaturated fats instead
    • Avoid eating excessive deep fried food stuffs
    • Use olive oil as salad dressing instead of mayonnaise
    • Choose lean cuts of meat and poultry
  6. Choose fiber-rich varieties of starchy carbohydrates like wholemeal bread and whole grain cereal
  7. Focus on the food while eating; sit down and eat at the table instead of eating on the run or eating while watching television or reading
  8. Eat slowly and chew the food thoroughly
  9. Focus on the food while eating; sit down and eat at the table instead of eating on the run or eating while watching television or reading
  10. Drink plenty of water
    • Six to eight glasses per day (1.75 litres/ 3 pints)
    • Drink a glass of water before each meal
  11. Drink or eat two servings of low-fat dairy foods and low-fat yoghurt
  12. Reduce salt intake; avoid using salt at the table

Let’s look at the special diets for medical reasons

There is a strong link between diet and the development of several diseases. Healthy diet can improve the quality of life and help live longer. Healthy diet, together with exercise, proves helpful to prevent many dangerous diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular, and osteoporosis. On the contrary, unhealthy diet containing many saturated fats can cause cardiovascular disease. Lack of fiber in the diet may lead to some digestive diseases like diverculitis.

Special Diet for Improving Health or Preventing a Variety of Diseases

  • Low fat diet
  • Cholesterol free diet
  • Therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) diet

Special Diet for the Treatment of Various Diseases and Medical Conditions

  • Diabetic diet
  • Diverculitis diet
  • Gout diet
  • Hepatitis diet
  • Autistic diet
  • Cardiac diet
  • DASH diet for high blood pressure
  • Gluten-free diet for celiac disease
  • Dietary treatment for kidney failure
  • Germ-free (neutropenic) diet


Here are Some Popular Diets

The Atkins diet

This diet was developed by Dr. Robert C. Atkins invented. He writes that one should reduce the amount of carbohydrates drastically. Instead, only protein and fat must be consumed. According to Atkins, fat does not make fat but the tons of carbohydrates that the human being consumes during the day. This theory, however, is obsolete. In this diet, noodles, potatoes, rice and bread are prohibited in any form. You can eat fat and protein as much as you like. This results in a lack of nutrition which should be balanced with vitamin supplements. The diet is intended to change the metabolism and so more fat is to be burned. Nothing is mentioned about sporting activities. Doctors and health experts advise against this diet. The only advantage of the is the fat filling up. The disadvantages are, one-sided and fat diet and the many protein that one must consume is harmful to the kidneys. Did you know the Dr. Atkins died of his overweight.

The Cambridge diet

The Cambridge diet was prepared by Dr. Alan Howard developed. This diet belongs to the formula diets that consists of a food substitute in the form of powder. The powder is stirred and drunk with water or milk. It replaces the normal meals. There is once a diet, where about 800 kcal per day are taken and another form of diet where up to 1500 kcal is taken. In the second form, one or two calorie-reduced meals are eaten at the three powder meals. Diet experts recommend the second form of the diet because the known yo-yo effect does not occur. The handling is very simple and good for professional jobs. But unfortunately it is very cost intensive. 15 bags are enough for 5 days and cost around 40 euros. So that you do not increase immediately after the diet, it is important that you start slowly with the normal food and its diet. Otherwise, many people were losing weight for free.

The FDH diet

FDH means to eat half. This diet is only useful if you are already balanced and varied. If you eat a lot of fast food, sweets and greasy, there is nothing to eat half the food. You do not say yes, today I eat only half a bag of chips. There is no talk of physical activity or of a change of diet. It can also lead to poor nutrition because no vitamins and important nutrients are consumed.

The Glyx diet

The Glyx diet comes from the ecotrophologist Marion Grillparzer. The Glyx diet calculates the glycemic index of food. If the glycemic index is too high in food, the blood glucose increases and more insulin is released. It often happens that the blood glucose so rapidly rises in the high rises the too much insulin is spilled it comes back to a hypodermia. This tells the body that you are hungry. For a Glyx diet, only foods with low glycemic value are taken. These will last longer and help you lose weight. Often however only the individual foods are evaluated, rarely a complete meal. A person seldom takes a single food. A positive thing about this diet is that people get a better understanding of their diet and also feed better after the diet. If you want to lose many kilos quickly, this diet is not suitable. It comes to the slow weight loss, as one changes its diet.

The Hollywood diet

The Hollywood diet was invented in 1920 to help the then stars lose weight. This diet is completely without carbohydrate, salt and as much fat as possible without. You can reach a maximum of 800 kcal per day. One feeds exclusively on fruit, salads, meager fish and poultry. Unfortunately, this diet is very protein which can lead to kidney damage. In addition, deficiencies can occur. The diet is very one-sided. Ideas for dietary recipes can be found on the Internet. If you want to lose weight a couple of kilos, the diet is excellent, in order to stay slim in the long run but not very fast the Jo Jo effect adjusts. You have to change your complete nutrition program. The movement is also missing here. Thus, more muscle mass than fat disappears.

The potato diet

The potato diet consists mainly of potatoes. They have very many nutrients and few calories. On the day you eat about 600 g of potato, plus grease-free vegetables, fruit and salads. In order to be able to perform this diet longer, it is too one-sided. In addition, there is a nutritional deficiency, since no fat is taken. Many vitamins need fat so they can split. It is not spoken of sporting activities. As soon as you start eating again, you go right back. That is why it is important that they permanently change their dietary habits.

Low car diet

The low car diet was from Dr. Olaf Adam developed. This diet is a kind of food for cuttings. You can eat everything. You can only eat carbohydrates and fat. If you eat fat you have to wait at least 4 hours before eating foods with carbohydrates. Because these are different from the body. With this diet you can permanently lose 6-7 kilos in 10 weeks. Since you can eat very well, there are no shortcomings here. There is no question of sufficient movement. The handling is also very simple. One has only to stick to one rule. Since there is only this rule, it is to be seen whether one really loses weight.

The cabbage soup diet

The cabbage soup diet is one of the fastest method to lose a few kilos. It is promised that they can lose weight up to 8 kilos within a week. The ingredients, almost all have no calories and they can eat as much soup as they want. Unfortunately, the cabbage often leads to unwanted side effects. The flatulence and the associated digestive disorders, but helps the addition of cumin. The recipe is quite simple. Take a bunch of celery, a small white cabbage, two cans of tomatoes or tomato pieces, a bunch of onions, a bunch of parsley, 2 green and large peppers, 2 leeks of leeks, a couple of carrots, 2 bags of onion soup and then they can do it at will Spice up. Finished. To the cabbage soup they can eat fruits and vegetables. Drink enough. The exact menu is available on the Internet. After 7 days of diet, they should pause for 7 days, then continue. This diet does not help its diet. Here, too, one does not need to move. After this diet, they can not fall back into their old habits, because otherwise everything was in vain. In the long run the body lacks protein and it builds it out of their muscles. So use the cabbage soup diet only for a short time.

The Cretan (mediterranean) diet

The Crete diet is more a food change than a diet. It has been found that the people of the Mediterranean region, and especially Crete, are healthier, older and slimmer than anywhere else. These are the following foods, bread, lots of fish, little meat, some red wine, legumes, lots of fresh vegetables, olive oil, fruit, herbs and medicinal herbs. As I said it is a dietary change and not a diet where you can quickly lose a few kilos of weight. As a result, you are living healthier and you are losing weight in the long term. Delicious dietary recipes on Crete can be found on the Internet. This nutritional change does not lead to a lack of nutrition and is therefore very suitable for a changeover.

The low fat diet

The fat content is greatly reduced in this diet. 1 g of fat provides 9 kcal and the normal human is attached to the 100 g. However, 60 g are recommended, so there are so many German people who are overweight. In this diet all foods are prohibited which have more than 30% fat. This diet is also intended for long-term conversion if you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. One should stick to the food pyramids and to do so still enough sport. Then you can permanently lose weight without Jo Jo effect.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers believes the weight loss in the group is easier than alone, so there is the possibility to go to the meeting once a week. It is given to an info-material and it comes to the weekly weighing. The success is noted and you get small bonus gifts. Weight Watchers do not count calories, but score points. Each participant may take 20 points per day. If you know that the weekend is a birthday you can save the whole week points and even eat a piece of cake for the birthday. There are bonus points for every time they play sports. For many, these meetings are daunting or even intimidating, so it is possible to run the program at home alone. In itself, this point is worth better than calorie counting. Over time, you know how many points. For professional applications or cooking muffles, there are even ready-made pastries from the refrigerated rack. You can lose weight with Weight Watchers many kilos.


This was an overview of some diets that exist. There are actually more, but these are among the most important. Everyone has to choose the one that suits best. Be it for reasons of time or health problems. They do not put themselves under pressure that brings nothing. Let it go slowly but resolutely. They move more than usual, which makes the pounds dry and is good for their cardiovascular system. Anyone who can not afford expensive books about the details of each diet can read a lot on the Internet. Just as they need new dietary formulas. I wish you success…