5 meals a day, the secret to losing weight

The control of overweight and obesity requires permanent changes in lifestyle, through the acquisition of healthy behaviors that allow correcting the excessive and punctual intake of food, in addition to eliminating the sedentary lifestyle. However experts warn that the calories of diets are not so important, it is best to nutritionally educate society.

In the last years, several scientific studies carried out in different population groups (children, adolescents and adults) have evaluated the relationship between the frequency of meals and the degree of overweight and obesity. These studies have shown that eating five meals a day contributes to a lower prevalence of overweight and obesity.

“When you break down your meals you will be able to alleviate the intense appetites and there will not be any intake with excessive doses of food.” Remember that one of the basic points to control weight and step to take care of our metabolism, is to avoid copious meals. In addition, splitting meals prevents “pecking”, explains Dr. Harvi Richardson, a nutritionist.